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A property survey is a detailed inspection of a property’s condition.

Examples of hidden cost of buying a house

Buying a house can be very expensive. The most obvious cost of buying a house is the actual price of the property. Most buyers get into conveyance with only this cost in mind. They fail to realize that there is one or more other hidden cost of buying a house. The result is that the […]

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What you need to know about property survey

Posted by on 20/12/2016 in Property survey

One of the researching jobs that is requested of solicitors by buyers is property surveys. Solicitors conduct property survey to determine the structural and physical qualities of the properties before the buyers purchase the property. Results of search surveys enable the buyers to know their position with regards to the conveyance of that property. Buyers […]

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Learn about House survey needed for Conveyancing

Posted by on 05/10/2016 in Property survey

Investing in a property might be the biggest investment in a person’s life. You want a safe and welcoming home, but one of the most important aspects is the house durability. Are you investing in a made to last property or you are burdening yourself with a mortgage for no reason? What is House survey? […]

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Survey fee and Mortgage Solicitor

Posted by on 07/07/2016 in Property survey

Conveyancing must be followed when buying or selling properties in the UK. It is mandatory legal process that has been set by law to be abided at all times when dealing for a property. A complex process, it is for every individual who are interest in property buying and property selling. It has certain costs […]

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Surveying a property – the guide before conveyancing

Posted by on 03/06/2016 in Property survey

A new property – especially a new home is an important and a significant investment of your finances that before committing to, needs a proper analysis and check. How does one do that? Check the home that they plan to buy? They need to research and carry out a survey. This is similar but not […]

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Property Buying Tips

Posted by on 04/05/2015 in Property survey

You do not buy a property every day and therefore you need to pay extra attention on your buying property wherever it may be situated in. Property transfer is no every day job and often you come to know of issues regarding such that you hardly have any idea about. Therefore, it is recommended for […]

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