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Buy to let refers to the purchase of a property with the intention of using the property as an investment. Once bought, the property is advertised to let out (rent) to prospective tenants.

What Do You Need to Rent a House?

Posted by on 26/04/2017 in Buy to let

Renting a house may not come easy when someone has less knowledge about the requirements. You need a list of documents. To most people, compiling these documents and everything else that makes a person considered trustworthy is what is most stressful. Searching for a house or property for rent may not be that much of […]

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Some of the items in the housing disrepair protocol

A housing disrepair protocol is a systematic procedure that is followed in cases where a tenant believes that a landlord has neglected his housing repair responsibilities. Homes must be maintained in proper working condition. Tenants have the right to live in a comfortable environment. The law has clearly defined both tenants’ and landlords’ responsibilities towards […]

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Tax for landlords made easy

Posted by on 17/02/2017 in Buy to let, Property taxes

Taxes are always a headache. They are difficult to understand and pay. Unfortunately, they have to be endured by anyone who earns an income. The tax for landlords are those taxes that are levied on every income that a landlord makes. Rental properties are viewed as a source of revenue just like any other jobs. […]

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Step by step guide on how to evict a tenant

Posted by on 03/02/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

Tenant eviction is a painful process to both the tenant and the landlord. A landlord loses his source of income when he throws out a tenant. He at least gets to keep his property. The most affected party in an eviction is the tenant. The most common cause of eviction is a failure by a […]

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What rights do you have as private Tenant rights?

Posted by on 01/02/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

As you settle as a private tenant in the UK, you are likely to be an assured shorthold tenant. As per the type of tenancy and accommodation, you may have a different kind of tenancy. As a tenant, you have to know what kind of tenancy you fall under. This helps you know your private […]

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Landlords and house in multiple occupation

Posted by on 31/01/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) represents a property with 3 or more residents that aren’t part of a single family or household. This is a modified definition of HMO from the Housing Act of 2004. The house will have split bedsits for each resident, and each of them will have a different agreement with the […]

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Things you need to know about Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements

Posted by on 30/01/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

 If you have rented a property from a landlord after February 1997, you are automatically an assured shorthold tenant. Since then this has been the most common form of tenancy contract in the United Kingdom. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement is a document that outlines the primary conditions, details regarding the tenancy between the […]

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Importance of tenancy deposit scheme

Posted by on 27/01/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

Rent deposit protects landlords from tenant’s failure to pay rent and from damages to the property that the residents live in. This money is paid at the beginning of the tenancy. It is usually equal to the rent paid by the tenant. Rent deposit does not belong to the landlord. It may be reclaimed by […]

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Calculating housing benefit rates

Posted by on 25/01/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

The government has established several incentives for making people live comfortably without paying too much on rents. One of these incentives is the housing benefit. Housing benefits are rent allowances that are given to tenants to help them pay off their rents. The allowance is usually less than the rent of the house. The tenant […]

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Getting empty property insurance

House insurance covers homeowners from financial losses due to potential threats to their properties. Threats can present themselves in the case of fire, water flooding or burglary. Referred to as insurable risks, they are popular in the UK. The homeowner is compensated for any damages caused by the insured risks. Most insurance policies cover houses […]

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