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Buy to let refers to the purchase of a property with the intention of using the property as an investment. Once bought, the property is advertised to let out (rent) to prospective tenants.

The comparison between landlord’s responsibilities and tenants responsibilities

Posted by on 20/01/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

The well-being of a tenanted property is dependent on how well maintained it is. Poor maintenance leads to the quick dilapidation of buildings. Most residents believe that house maintenance is a sole responsibility of landlords. This notion can never be further from the truth. Landlords have a role to play in the overall well-being of […]

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Understanding the problems with property to rent with pets

Posted by on 19/01/2017 in Buy to let, Property Investment

Pets bring out the humanity in a man. They are loving, funny and make homes comfortable and fun. Unfortunately, most rental properties do not allow tenants to own pets. This is sad considering that the freeholders who come up with these rules are themselves pet owners. At the moment, over 50% of adults in the […]

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Calculating capital gains tax on rental property

Rental properties are subjected to tax like any other commercial enterprises. If you had a rental house and moved out of it, you may choose to rent it out or to sell it. The law is very considerate for homeowners. Owners of flats are assumed to be of moderate financial incomes and are therefore not […]

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The process of Becoming a Landlord

Posted by on 03/01/2017 in Buy to let

A decision to become a landlord is sometimes hard to make. Letting out property involves a lot of obligation to the law and to the tenants. The property must meet certain standards for it to be considered residential. The prospective landlord must know how financially demanding the tenancy will be. All these make people who […]

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How to go about renting out your home

Posted by on 28/12/2016 in Buy to let

Getting a home buyer is never easy. Many people want homes but lack the capacity to pay for them. They prefer to rent. Brexit has not made things any easier for home buyers. The real estate property market has been very volatile since the UK decided to chuck out of European Union. Selling a house […]

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How to go about buying property with tenants

Posted by on 28/11/2016 in Buy to let

Many laws govern the sale of tenanted properties. A buyer should know of laws surrounding the sale of a tenanted property. If he does not know of these laws, then he must hire a professional who can help with buying property with tenants while adhering to the prevailing laws. Breach of a law of tenancy […]

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What are the “Buy to let” rules you need to understand?

Posted by on 07/11/2016 in Buy to let

Buy to let is a scheme that allows becoming a landlord, even if you are not going to live in that house. Basically, buy to let means purchase of a property with the sole intention to let it to tenants, opposite to buying for your residential purpose. Location As in every aspect of the housing […]

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