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New build refers to new construction on a property rather than renovation or refurbishment of a property. New build also refers to newly constructed property or houses. Remodelling, refurbishment and renovation is not new build. Extensions are also classed as new build but the existing building that has been extended is not new build.

Using pre-action protocol for construction and engineering disputes

Posted by on 12/04/2017 in New build

A pre-action protocol for construction and engineering disputes is a document that outline procedures to be taken in case of differences in building construction and engineering. The procedures facilitate dispute resolution by the parties involved without having to engage the court. The purpose of the protocol is to create an amicable environment for conflict resolution […]

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Launch of the housing white paper

Posted by on 21/03/2017 in Home Ownership, New build

Housing white paper is a recent government statement that outlines new policies for improving housing in the UK. The white paper has plans and purpose for ensuring that citizens of the UK find affordable housing. The housing crisis has been plaguing the UK for some time now. The government has taken all the blames for […]

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How to go ahead with financing modular homes

Posted by on 02/02/2017 in Mortgages, New build

Modular homes are homes that are built offsite and are physically fitted together on site of your choice. Often called as prefabricated home, their popularity is on the rise because they are cheaper, faster and customised. While they may not be built from ground up with foundation, they can be constructed to withstand high weather […]

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The process of buying a new build property

Posted by on 04/01/2017 in New build

The process of buying a new build property is slightly different from conveyancing of a fully built property. Conveyance of a new build property starts before the property is fully built. This means that the duration of conveyance cannot be stated as a fact. Most sellers usually give the completion date to be ten days […]

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Buying a house – conveyancing to get a new home

Posted by on 30/05/2016 in New build

A new house is everyone’s dream and they do not worry about anything else except the decision that you have to make while choosing to buy the house. Firstly, a house can be purchased via various ways. They can be bought over instalments, over mortgage or loan and also by down payment of cash. In […]

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