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Authorities that regulate solicitors.

How Sra intervention works in conveyancing

Posted by on 09/12/2016 in Solicitor regulators

SRA is a Solicitor Regulatory Authority based in Birmingham. One of its functions is the intervention of solicitors. The sra intervention refers to the process of stopping solicitors from offering their professional services. SRA intervention is taken out to solicitors who break the law in their line of duty. Solicitors can break the law by […]

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Establishment of law society conveyancing protocol

Posted by on 07/12/2016 in Solicitor regulators

The law society conveyancing protocol was created to ease and speed up conveyancing of residential properties. It brings structure into conveyancing and alleviates miscommunication among parties to the conveyance. The first protocol was introduced in 1990. This protocol was later revised in 2004. The first protocol was designed in a linear form. The newer version […]

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The authorities who regulates solicitors

Posted by on 24/11/2016 in Solicitor regulators

Solicitors are prone to making mistakes in their dealings with clients. Some of the mistakes may be advertent while others are simply calculated means of taking advantage of the public. As such, the government has come up with bodies that regulate solicitors. A body who regulates solicitors receives complaints from offended clients and attempts to […]

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Council for Licensed Conveyancer: Home for Conveyancer

Posted by on 14/06/2016 in Solicitor regulators

Council for licensed conveyancer is a professional property law supervisory body in London. It is the ultimate address for the conveyancers. Council for licensed conveyancer, which is widely known as CLC intends to protect the civic interest and promotes contest in the legal service market. As a authoritarian board CLC plays an significant and useful […]

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