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What Can Reputed Conveyancing Solicitors Do For You

When you are planning a house move the most important part is ensuring that the investment you are making is absolutely safe and that there is no scope for legal complications later. At times, people put in their life’s savings to buy a house, flat, garage or plot of land and would naturally want that the transition from being a common man to a proud owner of property is as smooth as possible. This is where conveyancing solicitors have a crucial role to play. Conveyancing is the act of transferring title of property between a Buyer and a Seller in a swift and efficient manner. The title must be clear and without lien and investigating this aspect forms the very base of conveyancing services.

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There are many solicitor firms that offer conveyancing in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England but few will offer services that you can absolutely rely on. Nigel Broadhead Mynard have done innumerable conveyancing and have long years of experience behind us. Our trained and knowledgeable staff carries out detailed searches to make sure that the property you are buying is free from all encumbrances. We understand that buying, selling, mortgaging leasehold or freehold land is not only about putting money in the project. You should proceed with acquiring real estate only when trustworthy conveyancing solicitors like us give you the green signal to do so.

Let us now take you through the process of residential conveyancing and the work carried out by us. There are primarily two systems on which conveyancing in Bushey are based – the unregistered method and the registered method.

The unregistered method is based solely on the title deeds. By law, for any transaction to be authentic, ownership to the property has to be established over the past 15 years from the date of transaction without a break. We verify the entire link documents, the veracity of proper transfer of title if any over that period and whether there are any restrictions to the title like existing lien or mortgages. This system stands on the premise that if a Seller has all relevant papers of ownership of the property going back for 15 years, the Buyer can safely take it over. We scrupulously study all documents and give our recommendations.

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Our responsibility is no less in the registered system of conveyancing. All land records and title to land are available in the register at HM Land Registry. A part of our conveyancing services includes searching and going through the records to make sure that the title is clear and unrestricted. The advantage here is that the records available can be fully relied upon since any change in title or any mortgage done has to be first incorporated in the register before it can be enforced. The records too are always updated.

The fees charged by us are very affordable and will not break the bank of our clients. It is because we have fixed charges against variable charges of most conveyancing solicitors. Fixed charges do not depend on the value of the property and hence are very reasonable. On the other hand variable charges constitute a percentage of the value of the property, usually 1%. Since real estate prices are always on the rise, it can come to a pretty packet at the end of the day. This is of course excluding disbursements or miscellaneous costs like stamp duty and any statutory fees that have to be paid for searches at the registry or for authentication of the title deeds.

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Testimonial from previous client

What should have been a very simple and quick sale between family members became a long and torturous saga, due to misinformation and non co-operation with our conveyancer (Amy) from a party lower in the chain. Over the months Amy maintained her professional approach, always being available to discuss things either by message or telephone, which was very reassuring for me. Despite the challenges, Amy and I maintained a sense of humour and a great deal of camaraderie. With Amy's support we eventually won the war and have just completed the purchase. Both Amy and NBM should be very proud of the highest levels of service - enjoy the chocolates!
Mr A
Cholsey, Oxfordshire