Conveyancing advice for moving home

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Row of houses

I have just inherited a property – what should I do next?

Inheriting property is not uncommon, with around 36% of the population inheriting property at some time in their lives. However, around 70% of those who inherit a property would not want to live there. While inheritance is a gift, it can quickly become a cause of concern to children or other beneficiaries who have no […]

Selling a property after divorce

It can be challenging for one spouse to reside in the marital home after the other has left, covering monthly outgoings of the house without the dual income, changing the names on the mortgage, and compensating the other partner by using the remaining assets. The easier way is to split the returns from the sale […]

Can exchange and completion take place on the same day?

There is no doubt that the procedure to buy or sell a house can take a long time. And you are probably curious to find out if you can exchange and complete on the same day, and whether this will save time. Exchange is when contracts are signed and both sides receive a signed copy. […]