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Row of houses

Should I hire a local Conveyancer?

Question I am putting my home of the last 20+ years on the market and my estate agent has provided a conveyancing quote which seems very high. After searching online for quotes from other Solicitors they seem more reasonable, but none of them are in my local area. Will I get a good service from […]

Is it complicated to buy a leasehold property?

Question The property I am buying is in an apartment complex and it is leasehold. I have been told by the seller that once all the units are sold the titles will be converted to freehold. Is this a simple procedure? Answer It is not generally beneficial to buy a freehold rather than leasehold flat, […]

Am I eligible for Help to Buy?

Question I have found a newly built property and want to secure it by giving the builder a deposit. But first I would like to know whether I am eligible for the 2013 government scheme which should assist me with the deposit. Can I ask my estate agent look into this? Answer George Osbourne expanded […]