Be alert to Cyber Crime

Nigel Broadhead Mynard (NBM) will not take responsibility if you transfer money to a wrong bank account.

Criminals are increasingly turning to the internet to try and make a profit. They can remain anonymous online while impersonating other individuals or companies. This usually takes the form of forged emails or websites which look identical to the real thing but where contact details and web addresses have been changed to ones that they control. Sometimes these are sent speculatively but sometimes it is more targeted where they have gained further information about specific conveyancing transactions.

NBM Solicitors will never email or telephone clients with changes to their bank details or ask clients to send money by other means. Their bank details are published on the website in a secure password protected area and you should always double check before sending funds.

Please speak to your Solicitor before transferring any money. If you receive an email from NBM requesting your bank details or telling you of a change to the Bank details published on our website, please contact your Solicitor immediately to clarify. PLEASE ALSO NOTE that NBM solicitors only use e-mails which end with a suffix of “”.

If you receive any e-mail from an address without that suffix or where that suffix does not appear in the address box when you click “Reply” then you should not rely on the e-mail being from NBM and you should immediately contact us on the above number or any numbers published on our website to verify the source
of the e-mail is genuine.