Home Information Packs (HIPs)

HIPs suspended

The government have suspended HIPs
It is no longer a legal requirement to have a HIP when marketing a property.

NBM Solicitors can produce your Home Information Pack, please contact our sales department for a free conveyancing quote peterborough detailing the costs.

What is a HIP?

A Home Information Pack is basically a bundle of documents relating to your home that you are obliged by law to have available for inspection prior to marketing your home for sale. These include a copy of your title deeds and associated documents, search and an energy performance certificate

Do I have to have one?

Yes. Any property placed on the market since 14th December 2007 must have a Home Information Pack.

My estate agent says he can provide my HIP for nothing so why should I pay you to prepare it?

Firstly, it is unlikely that the agent is actually providing the HIP free of charge. He may be simply deferring the payment until the house is sold and he will take the cost from you then. Because the agent is effectively funding this service at his expense, this may result in higher fees for HIPS being levied by most agents. NBM Solicitors will be happy to find you a competitive deferred payment option for your HIP if you need one (see below).

Secondly, the HIP will belong to the agent and not to you. This means that if you are dissatisfied with your agent and want to change, you will have to pay for another HIP to be prepared by your new agent. When you buy your HIP through NBM you will own it and can take it to any agent you choose, or to an auctioneer, or give it direct to a private buyer.

So having your HIP produced by NBM offers you both good value and flexibility.

What will my HIP cost?

You will need to telephone us and give us the full details of the property before we can give you a quotation for the exact price, but recent packs we have produced have come in at no more than £275 + vat for a conveyancing quote birmingham.

Some companies seem to be offering HIPS ‘from’ £250. What does this mean?

Do not be fooled by the ‘from’ price offered by some companies online and in the newspapers. The price given in our quotation is the actual price payable for the HIP, not a ‘from’ price. The costs do vary slightly depending on the type of property being sold so please telephone or e-mail us with your details so that we can give you the exact price.

I am in a hurry to sell my home and I can’t wait for a HIP to be prepared, can I go ahead without one?

At the moment you can put your home up for sale provided you can demonstrate that you have applied for a HIP, even if the HIP components have not yet been received. This concession is only temporary though, and it is understood that the government will abolish it at the end of this year.

How do I contact you to get further information or to order my HIP?

You can telephone our sales department from anywhere in the UK at local rates on 0845 7419461. They will be happy to provide a free conveyancing quote coventry.

Or e-mail us at sales@nbmlaw.co.uk