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How do I choose the right conveyancing solicitor?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor. You need to evaluate all these factors and make the choice which is best suited to your situation. Make sure you have all the information you need to make the choice that is right for you.

Price is one of the most important starting factors as we all need to keep our costs down when budgeting to buy our new property. It is easier than ever to compare conveyancing fees between solicitors using the internet. You can obtain quotes from different solicitors without any leg work or ringing around. A quick internet search for online conveyancing and you can find many solicitors websites where you can get conveyancing quotes. These larger conveyancing firms which handle higher caseloads employ technology to manage their cases. This is beneficial to the client as it offers cost savings and the service quality is higher than you might find in a small high street firm. Sometimes a transaction might fall through because one of the parties involved changes their mind. In order to avoid paying unwanted legal fees in this event make sure you select a conveyancing firm which operates a "No completion, No fee" service.

Communication between you and your solicitor is going to be key to a smooth conveyancing process. You need to make sure that every avenue of communication is available to you so that you have up to date information during your transaction. An online case tracker is a great tool for keeping you informed of progress and communicating with your conveyancing team. Also you want a conveyancer with email, direct telephone and voicemail. All your conveyancer's contact details should be available to you immediately after you instruct so you can get started on your matter. You will also need all necessary documentation to be sent to you in good time with all the necessary explanation.

The best conveyancing solicitors employ the latest technology so that all cases are tracked and managed smoothly. Larger firms invest more money into their computer systems which only benefits the customer as cases are more efficiently dealt with. As these types of conveyancing firms handle more cases they are more likely to recognise problems which might arise with your transaction than less experienced, smaller firms. With more staff it is easier to get in touch with someone when it suits you and staff can be better trained with more people to cover for them. Larger firms have also previously represented every mortgage company at one time or another, so they will be able to represent you and your mortgage company. If you go with a smaller firm check they can represent you first because invariably they can't.

Please do not be influenced by any third party when choosing a conveyancing solicitor to represent your interests. They may gain a commission from their association with the transaction which may affect their impartiality. There have been many articles in recent times in newspapers that expose the high costs associated with recommended solicitors. Sometimes the costs can be six or seven times what you will pay for an independent online conveyancing solicitor. This is due to them having to pay a large commission to get your business.

Consider the points we have raised in this article. We have tried to be as impartial as possible when offering this advice to allow you to make the best choice. We hope you will soon become a client of NBM Solicitors, if you are not already, and start benefiting from our low fees and professional service. We have many regular repeat clients who praise and recommend our service and we hope you will soon join them!

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