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Congratulations! So you have decided to buy a new house after all. You have made the rounds of real estate agent offices, seen a number of houses and have finally selected one that you are confident will be your dream home. You are investing your lifetime savings in it and would naturally want everything to be just right. In that case, the first thing that should come to mind is getting in touch with reputed conveyancing solicitors who will ensure that all formalities and scrutiny of documents of title are done in a fool proof manner. And that basically is our work. NBM Solicitors (Nigel Broadhead Mynard) have carried out innumerable conveyancing activities on behalf of clients to their great satisfaction.

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But before we go further, it is necessary to know what conveyancing is and our role in it. It is the process of establishing title to immovable property. When a Buyer and Seller decide to seal a deal, what is important is knowing whether the Buyer has a right to sell the property. It is not a very long winding process but definitely a crucial one. Some transactions are often done based on forged documents which later can be very traumatic for the Buyer. Hence, conveyancing in Ascot, Berkshire, England, requires a great deal of experience and expertise on the part of conveyancing solicitors.

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Residential conveyancing is relevant for buying and selling of all types of immovable property including house, flat, garage or plot of land. There are two aspects to it, the registered system and unregistered system.

The first one is more fool-proof than the other where all records of title to property is maintained by HM Land Registry, a government body. It maintains a register that includes all relevant details about it such as the name of the current owner, whether the title is clear and transferable and whether there are any restrictions on it. Our conveyancing services include carrying out searches at the registry, knowing the state of the property and if it has clear and marketable title. We then advise the Buyer whether the transaction can be proceeded with. In the second case, trust is put on the documents to title and the responsibility lies with the Seller to prove its authenticity. The papers with him should have ownership records to the property stretching back to at least 15 years. What is our work in this regard? As conveyancing solicitors, we study the documents and make sure that all link documents over that period are available. It is assumed that if ownership of any property can be traced back to 15 years, it is definitely worthy of purchase.

The next point that is very pertinent is the fees charged by us. There is a wide disparity in fees charged by solicitors undertaking conveyancing in Ascot. Most charge a percentage of the value of property. With high rates prevailing in the real estate sector, it puts a lot of pressure on the Buyer who is in any case spending a lot on the property. But we charge fixed fees that are not linked to the price tag. This aspect is really very helpful to our clients for buying, selling, mortgaging leasehold or freehold property and is very affordable too. And there are no hidden costs either. For us, everything is transparent and above board. But there are charges we incur that you have to pay and these are not in our discretion. For example, stamp duty, transfer of title and marking in register and for conducting local searches for knowing about any mortgages or lien on the property are all charged as per actual expenditure.

When you contact NBM Solicitors (Nigel Broadhead Mynard) for conveyancing for house move, you will find that our services are fast and quick. For your convenience, we even offer online quotes. Compare our rates with others and you will surely be surprised at how low it is.