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Do you want to settle in Banbury, Oxfordshire but you are concerned about the high property prices? You will need to get to know the property market with all the local estate agents. Property prices are only going to rise further in the future and you are better to choose a home at your upper price limit now to maximise your investment for the future. It might be harder to move up the property ladder as prices further inflate as time goes on.

If you are a first time buyer you might be apprehensive about how much you will need to save for a deposit. If you are upsizing your property to increase the room and garden space to house all your individual family members you will need to know what price point to target in Banbury in order to minimise extra borrowing. You could be downsizing after your children fly the nest and want to release as much equity as possible.

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Getting a mortgage in Banbury, Oxfordshire can seem daunting but you will be safely guided through the process by an advisor at your local mortgage company. Your mortgage advisor will tell you what documents you need to provide and what level of borrowing you will be eligible for. If you are worried that you cannot understand the terms and conditions of your mortgage offer and you want to compare the deals offered by multiple different lenders then you could appoint an independent financial advisor. They will be able to help you navigate the jargon and offer a comparison of the various merits of different plans.

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When it comes to handling the legal work in Banbury, Oxfordshire then NBM Solicitors (Nigel Broadhead Mynard) have got you covered. We offer low cost fixed Conveyancing fees which cover the whole legal process from start to finish. During the quotation process our expert sales team identify any costs which will occur during your property transaction to give you an accurate picture of what your outlay will be. If any unforeseen additional Conveyancing expenses arise during the process you will be advised well in advance by your Conveyancing team so that you can budget accordingly.

The welcome team for NBM Solicitors (Nigel Broadhead Mynard) can handle all the preliminary administration on your Conveyancing file. This involves collecting all the necessary information from all the parties involved in the transaction and coordinating them together. Once the preparations are complete the file can be passed to your Conveyancing team where they will begin in earnest the legal work for transferring the property in Banbury into your name.

During the Conveyancing process your Banbury team will report progress via a selection of different means. They will be happy to receive you at the office although it is rarely necessary as most eventualities can be dealt with remotely. Your team are easily contacted by telephone through the switchboard or extension and the system can record a voice mail in the event they are not free at the moment you call. Receive email alerts and send your team an email via their direct email addresses. Or follow your case online via our Conveyancing Case tracker website and smartphone apps.