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A house move is always a stressful situation and you would do well to make it easy for yourself. One of the ways that you can reduce the complexities is to get in touch with reputed conveyancing solicitors who can take the burden off your shoulders. And that is exactly where we step in. Our firm has built up a reputation for conveyancing in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, England. We offer a wide spectrum of conveyancing services which consist of buying selling mortgaging leasehold and freehold property that includes house, flat, garage or plot of land.

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What do we do to facilitate the process? But before that, a word on conveyancing per se. It is a procedure that carries out a transaction involving immovable property between a Buyer and a Seller. Establishing clear title to the property and conducting searches in the register of title to land are just examples of the issues that have to be tackled before a transfer of ownership can be completed. Everything has to be done efficiently and swiftly and the interests of both parties have to be protected.

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The first question by clients is usually about fees. Generally, there is a wide disparity in the fees charged by solicitors even though the norm has been 1% of the cost of the property plus miscellaneous costs, commonly known as disbursements. However, with the exponential increase in property prices, this amount becomes a burden on the parties involved. Hence, when we carry out residential conveyancing, we charge fixed fees regardless of the value of the property. It naturally becomes easier for all concerned and is affordable too. However, statutory fees are not our discretion and have to be paid. These comprise of land registry fees for transferring title and marking in the register, stamp duty and local searches for determining any charges, mortgages or lien on it. These are variable costs and irrespective of fixed fees.

Clients looking for conveyancing in Beeston will naturally look for solicitor firms offering the lowest quotes. But at times, hidden charges constitute a bulk of the fees so read through the fine print before signing on the dotted line. As reputed conveyancing solicitors, we strive to lay all our cards on the table and make everything transparent and above board. Our fixed fee charges are all inclusive and will not have surprise components cropping up when we present the final bill. When we talk about fixed fees, it remains just that – fixed. Most importantly, our charges are very low when compared to the superior level of conveyancing services we offer. Take a round of other solicitors carrying out conveyancing in Beeston and you will find this contention to be absolutely true.

We have also adapted ourselves to the changing scenario of today’s digital world. Visit our website to know more. Type in the property, its details, its value and get instant quotes. Rest assured that all transactions will be completed in the shortest possible time. NBM Massucco Shelbourne have carried out thousands of conveyancing in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, England and have always delivered what we have promised without fail and in time.

While you can approach us through your estate agent, our comprehensive conveyancing services can be availed direct by the public too. Our team of experts will take you through the requirements for conveyancing and will ensure that the property you purchase has clear and marketable title. The matter can be a bit complex when dealing with mortgaged and under lien house, flat, garage or plot of land. Give us a call and avail of the best conveyancing solicitors in town.