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Are you considering a house move or buying, selling, mortgaging leasehold or freehold land? Apart from finding a suitable property, the thought that should be foremost in your mind is to have it transferred in your name after going through fool proof evidence that the title is clear and transferable. For that to happen, get in touch with reputed conveyancing solicitors who will take care of everything so that you will be at peace when you become the proud owner of any property. NBM Solicitors (Nigel Broadhead Mynard) have been in this field for many years now and have built up a name for conveyancing in Callington, Cornwall, England. For the common man, the term conveyancing may be difficult to understand. It is the process of establishing clear title to a property before the act of buying and selling can be completed. This is extremely crucial as any Buyer would want to be satisfied that what he is investing his lifetime’s savings in is unencumbered and that he will subsequently have full rights over it.

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The fees charged for conveyancing services vary a lot. Most solicitors charge 1% of the value of property plus actual expenses. This has its own disadvantages. With real estate prices hitting the roof and no foreseeable chance of cooling off, this rate more often than not hits the ordinary Buyer hard and becomes a substantial part of his budget. On the other hand we charge fixed fees for our service which is a big relief to our clients. This is irrespective of the price of the property. To have an idea of what we have in mind, visit our website. Enter the type of property and the estimated value and get an instant quote without any hidden charges. Compare our quote with that of others and you will find that it is one of the lowest prevailing in the market for conveyancing in Callington.

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These charges of course do not include the expenditure incurred by us. Disbursements, better known as miscellaneous costs have a number of components. The first is stamp duty as applicable. Next is Land Registry fees which are statutory charges incurred for changing the title of the property from the Seller to Buyer. This has to be noted in the register maintained at HM Land Registry where particulars of the land including all restrictions like lien or mortgages have to be entered. It is a permanent record for the property and can be checked by all subsequent Buyers. Fees are also to be paid for conducting this search. All these expenses have to be borne by the parties involved in the transaction. No conveyancing solicitors have any discretion over it.

If you are considering residential conveyancing for any house, flat, garage or plot of land there is another form of conveyancing where it is not necessary to search HM Land Registry records. It is known as the unregistered system. In this process, we have the documents searched over the past 15 years from the date of transfer to establish continuous ownership. All the link documents pertaining to this period are carefully studied by us to ensure that valid transactions have been marked in the papers and that the title is clear and fit for transfer. However, we are very careful in this process as the unscrupulous can easily forge the papers. That’s the reason why records available at Land Registry offices are considered to be far more reliable. Either way, for the best conveyancing solicitors in Callington, give us a call.